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Bonk io
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Bonk io

When I play multiplayer games, I become bored after a few hours in case it is interesting game. This game which is called Bonk Io is so addictive and interesting that I can play it for hours and want to play more and more. Just like any other multiplayer games, here you play against real players. You can play as Guest or create a free account to customize your skins and create your own maps. In this physics-based game your mission is to kick your opponents towards the obstacles to make them die or fall down the stage. The gameplay may be rather familiar but believe me - this game has so many different levels that you will amazed how good is the imagination of the level creators. The growing popularity of this game is based on the fact that users can create their own levels and share them with everyone. This way, the number of maps is huge and the player does not get bored playing the same level again and again. The original edition of the Bonk io is available at our website for free so you can play it whenever you want. Check out more game information below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Play Bonk Io?

As you know, there are several game modes and all of them have different rules. But there is a basic rule which is common for all of them - you have to kick your enemy from the stage or make it hit some deadly object to die. In the classic game mode, you just have to jump and press the X button to gain waight and push your enemies towards the obstacles. The last alive player in each round wins. In Arrows mode, you will get an ability to shot arrows into your enemies and this may help you to put them down.

How to make a Bonk io map?

Even though that creating your own map in this game is rather simple through Editor option, there are some skills needed to create a really good one. User have an opportunity to share their own maps with others by choosing the option Public. Keep in mind that your maps are saved automatically into your account under the menu My Maps where you can always access them. Remember that creating new maps is available only for registered users.

How to change skins in Bonk io?

User can create his own skins in this game or edit the existing one. For a registered users, click the Skin Manager menu where you can change the skin of your ball. Keep in mind that there are only 5 slots for saving skins.

Which game mode to choose in Bonk?

There are 3 different game modes in this wonderful game and I will tell you about all of them.
Classic Mode - The default mode with no special keys. Only heavy key available.
Arrows - In this mode users are allowed to shoot arrows into the enemies and this way drop them from the stage.
Death Arrows - in this mode you can kill enemy with arrows.

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